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KSVG 89.7fm Savage Radio is Bakersfield and Kern County’s only community radio station. With the latest Indie rock during the day and specialty shows at night we are bringing people back to radio.
Radio for people who hate radio!!!


KSVG is founded by Jake Chavez and Greg Looney. Jake and Greg started this project July 11th 2006 with interest in the FCC opening their last application windows for starting a new NCE radio station. The last NCE window was over 25 years ago The KSVG application was submitted October 18th 2007 and was dismissed a month later. A Petition for Reconsideration was filed then accepted for filing on December 10th 2007. The application then remained in the FCC office for nearly two years until being granted November 5th 2009.

KSVG (Kern Community Radio) officially we on the air December 17th, 2012, opening with Turbonegro’s “All My Friends Are Dead”. KSVG is asking the community to help fund this community programming, and will plan on many different ways to raise funds to build the new radio station. Grant writing, fund raising events, and monetary and car donations will be part of the fund raising effort. With the combination of funds raised and grants matching funds it is possible to raise the money quickly. KSVG plans to raise $300,000 to complete construction, and a starting yearly budget will of $90,000. Operational costs will be raised by a combination of underwriting sponsors, donations and grants. KSVG plans to use this page as a main focal point in the fund raising plan. All the information needed is provided on the “Donate” page.

Community involvement is the key. This radio station is for the people of Bakersfield and they may mold it as it grows. What the people put into it is what they will receive. The staff at KSVG want to bring people back to radio. Today’s radio is formatted and mass produced and even in the non-commercial radio spectrum has been overrun by big money religious groups and public radio non-profits. KSVG plans to provide an eclectic music format and educational programming and talk. Some national radio shows will be available. The new radio station will also encourage Bakersfield College or California State University Bakersfield to start broadcast courses and will set aside time to allow their students to use KSVG as a lab for hands on broadcast training.We also plan to create podcasts for worldwide listeners to enjoy but we need your help.

Kern Community Radio Inc.is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization. KSVG 89.7 FM Savage Radio!
Send your music or donations to:

Kern Community Radio
1908 jessie st
Bakersfield CA 93305