Here is the KSVG Indie Rock Top Ten! KSVG Top Singles provided by Lord Looney!

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1. white reaper pic  White Reaper “Pills”

2. chelsea wolfe Chelsea Wolfe “Carrion Flowers”

3. the Pack A.D. The Pack A.D. “Motorvate”

4. Westkust Westkust “Dishwasher”

5. New Order New Order “Restless”

6. Tigercide 3 Tigercide “Suicide By Tiger”

7. Choirs Choirs “The Tempest”

8. Yumi Zouma Yumi Zouma “Song For Zoe & Gwen”

9.  KSVG Radio Indie Rock Top Ten Communions Communions “Summer’s Oath”

10. Cherubs Cherubs “Sandy On The Beach”

11. Flyying Colours Flyying Colours “Not Today”

12. Seoul Seoul “Real June”

13. Fluoride Fluoride “Sleep”

14. Rose Windows Rose Windows “Glory, Glory”

15. Nots Nots “Reactor”

16. Horsha On The Moon Horsha On The Moon “Chalfonte”

17.  Table Scraps Table Scraps “Bad Feeling”

18.  Beck Beck “Dreams”

19.  Vaadat Charigim Vaadat Charigim “Hadavhar”

20.  Colleen Green Colleen Green “Things That Are Bad For Me