Tell us if its any good? Problems?

6 thoughts on “Check out our new website!!

  1. I would like to speak with someone about advertising on my 1968 vw bus .I love the variety of genres.lf interested please contact me at 6618586366.keep it up.

  2. could you please publish playlists? I really like some of the music you play but I don’t know the titles or artists

    1. I think that publishing playlists on our website is a great idea. I would like to do it when we get our dj profile page going and do it there. Well someday when get time to concentrate on it, and getting playlists up it would look great.
      Thanks for inquiring!

    2. I was working on a little solution and we now have a twitter feed that shows what our automated system is playing. you can see the feed at or follow on twitter @KSVGonAirLive

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