KSVG depends on you to make this happen.

There is a form button you can click to donate via PayPal with your credit card, bank account, etc .

Via Snail Mail
A person can send a check or money order to the following address:

1908 Jessie St
Bakersfield, CA 93305

Please make your checks or money orders out to KSVG Radio and note that your contribution is for donation. Let us know what you would like to hear: KSVG Radio is all about you!

Benefit Events
Want to hold a benefit event to assist our station in getting on the air? Send us an email to set up an event with our station here!!!
Auto Donation
The KSVG Auto Donation hotline is: 888-KSVG-AUTO (888-578-4288) Donate a Car+ All money and car/vehicles donations are completely TAX DEDUCTIBLE! For those of you who would like to donate vehicles or drop off donations at local Chase locations, please contact us directly.


All of the KSVG Staff would like to thank everyone for their support and the future support of KSVG 89.7FM Savage Radio.

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  1. hello – I work for a company that matches any donations I make, but they need your TaxID number. Can you send that to me? I love your station, so – let me donate and take advantage of the matching program where I work… thanks, alex

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